Please Help!

I have a 94 chevy lumina that is having trouble idoling(im not sure if thats the right term but the rpm stick isnt steady). It is slow getting started sometimes and always feels like it is going to die when i come to a stop or am driving slow. Just recently I was driving through a parking lot and wasnt touching the gas and it sped up in spurts on its own! Does anyone know what the problem could be? What about price wise?

trade it in,and buy an import.

Sounds like a vacuum line leak somewhere. Also sounds like it needs a tune-up. Diagnostics will probably cost more that parts, but should not be terribly expensive.

How many miles on that car and is it automatic or manual transmission. When was the last time it had the air cleaner fuel filter plugs and wires replaced?

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The engine is idling rough, and it’s rough at slow speeds, right? First, change the spark plugs and air filter. Results? If still rough, change the spark plug wires. Still rough? Change the fuel filter. Still rough? Call a mechanic.

There are 132000 miles and its automatic. The fuel filter was replaced in the last year but is that different than a air filter? I recently had my oil changed would they have checked any of these things? sorry im a poor college student and if you cant tell im a little car dumb.

I agree with the others that the usual culprits are the spark plugs and wires. Not so the air filter or fuel filter, since problems with these components tend to show up only at high speed.

The problem might also be traced to a bad MAP or MAF sensor or failing idle air control (IAC) motor. These items are not terribly expensive but it takes some expertise to determine whether to replace. As always, avoid the GM dealerships. Ask your friends for a reliable independent shop.

Idle air controller or throttle position sensor may be dirty or faulty. Worn spark plugs, etc. won’t cause the idle to jump up.

Howdy, how many miles on the spark plugs? Air filter clean?
Consider adding a can of SeaFoam to gas tank about when the tank is 1/2 full and driving till you burn most of gas out.I is a great cleaner sold at parts places and even now at wally world. Our 91 olds cutlas doing similiar added the sea foam an problem gone. This $7.00 is easiest first try if allot of miles on spark plugs changing them would be my second repair. Happy travels.