What the Heck is going on?

So, I have a 98 chevy P/U with a manual 5 speed transmission. When im on the highway and just trying to keep it at a speed it sort of chuggs or feels almost like im bucking a gusting wind that isnt there. if your accellorating through it doesnt seem to do it or if im out of gear(nuetral) or have the clutch in or if im just coasting. Any ides?

If the engine misfires the check engine light should come on. Is the light on?

Has the fuel filter ever been changed?

the lights not coming on Maybe fuel filter? Im not sure if it has been replaced is that where yuo’d start??

If you are not sure if the fuel filter on a 10 year old vehicle has been replaced, that is definitely a good place to start. Bear in mind that the fuel pump could have been damaged already by having to force gas through a partially clogged fuel filter, so the fuel pump may also be a problem, but regardless–a fuel filter needs to be replaced at ~every 30k.