2006 chevy ave will not crank. Manuel trans

Now that is really confusing.

Turns or doesn’t turn ?

or do you mean “Turns over but won’t fire”

Has he tried starting fluid or spraying gas into the air intake ?
You can use an old windex or 409 type bottle with gas in it to spray gas.

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Turning, turning over, and cranking all mean the same thing. It means the starter is turning the engine.

It sounds like you are trying to say is that it cranks but won’t start. A can of starter fluid will determine if it is fuel related, A three second spray into the air intake should tell you. If the cranking is rapid and high pitched you have a broken timing belt or chain. Barring fiel ot timing the problem would be electrical.

Is your check engine light on. If so, you need the codes read. The check engine light is trying to tell you what the problem is.

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What a convoluted mess and I agree with Mustangman’s comment about whoever is involved with this does not know anything about cars, etc.

“The one…” working on it has worked on this motor since “they” got it. Who is “the one” and “they”?
The fact someone pulled the motor out (why???) does not mean they know anything about a motor.

It cranked a few months ago and has been sitting up since. So it seems to me that if it has been inoperative since the motor went back in then someone has left something(s) disconnected. or someone has botched something with the engine in a mechanical way.

There’s been enough money spent shotgunning parts to pay for a diagnosis and up to this point I still can’t figure out what you are trying to say about crank, no crank, no spark, and so on.
It’s deja vu. Reading this makes me feel like I’m listening to my late wife when she tried to tell me about a car problem. The Gestapo would have thrown in the towel on getting some straight information.


Perhaps Manuel, the guy who lives inside her transmission, can come to her assistance.


The owner which is my husband did this when the timing belt broke and he had to get the heads fixed. He did all ths work himself. It was running fine for 2 years til this time.

Please be respectful on this thread. Yes we are no pros but I do look and ask questions about stuff I am not clear on. Sorry if my first statement was not clear. But he has done all the work on this car with no problems til now. Thank you to the ones that have been helpful.

@Molly-38, it seems like there is a communications problem. Maybe you should discuss your replies with your husband before posting them, if you haven’t already. We all have a lot to learn about a lot of things, and I try to keep that in mind when I read posts here. I hang out here to learn about automotive issues and don’t consider myself an expert on many of them.


Try a fresh start. Correct me if I’m wrong. It sounds like that you are saying the starter motor will physically crank the engine but it will not start.
If I remember correctly you said that it acted like it wanted to start. First is check for any diagnostic codes if possible.

Next thing is check for a spark at the plugs. Done with an old plug or plug tester although I used to work with a guy who used his pinkie finger all the time. I’m adverse to high voltage and don’t like being zapped.

If there is a spark then check fuel pressure. This is best done with a gauge at the pressure port on the fuel rail. Lacking a gauge, one could place a rag on the fitting and depress the Schrader valve with a small screwdriver to see what gushes out. This is a seat of the pants method. If it sprays out strongly then there should be enough pressure to run.

Next is to listen for an injector pulse with a stethoscope or by placing one ear against a screwdriver handle and the tip of the screwdriver against the fuel injector as the engine is cranked over. Again, I’m assuming it is cranking over.

This is all backyard methodogy as I do not know what kind of tools you may or may not be equipped with.

After being belittled in this manner why would anyone return to Car Talk?

The OP needed help with a no start condition and does not understand shop talk, one step at a time.

Would anyone respond to their aunt or grandmother in this way?

Go on

… and then profit

I am not clear on one thing: did the car ever run after the timing belt replacement?

For the others here: for me “did not catch” means that the starter did not engage the flywheel.

If the engine cranks but not starts/fires, I second @Tester suggestion and look at the crankshaft positioning sensor. I would also add to check the coil pack and, of course, fuses. Just work backwards, starting at the plugs.

OP said, the belt was replaced and heads work was done 2 years ago and it worked fine since.

Cranks ok but wont start? Spark or fuel. Is there a visible spark at plug during crsnking?