2011 Chevy Cruze LT

Hello everyone!!
So my car has recently had a problem going on… It was cranking and running but now it only cranks if I switch out the spark plugs. It has a recall on the emission control module and I haven’t gotten it changed out yet because the car is not running. Could that be the reason my car doesn’t crank?? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP

Anytime an engine cranks over but doesn’t start. the crankshaft position sensor should be checked out.



Duplicate post, too.

Is that the camshaft position sensor?? Because if so, I’ve already changed it… Has a new radiator also

He said crankshaft position sensor. The car has both.

I saw what he said I just didn’t know if it was the same or different which is why I phrased it as a question but thanks for letting me know

Is the check engine light on?

You probably need a tow to your favorite shop to get it checked out. If you use a capable mechanic, just describe the problem and she will figure it out. Maybe you have roadside assistance as part of your insurance policy. You can use that to pay for the tow.

Not sure what you mean. Are you saying you only hear that rrr rrr rrr sound with the key in “start” if you first replace the spark plugs?

I don’t think emission control module has anything to do with this. My sister has a 2012 with the same recall that has never been done. I’m guessing, since this is the LT, that it is the 1.4 turbo engine. I’m quite familiar with the Cruze. Before we go any further, check if the coolant reservoir (it’s the tank on the right (drivers side), towards the rear of the engine compartment as you look from the front of the vehicle. It should be full up to the full cold line with hopefully an orangish coolant. Let us know if it’s full, half full, or just a we little bit showing at the bottom (actually empty, some just collects on a plastic rib close to the bottom of the tank). If you look at the posting below, the “runs hot and then fouls them” is the key piece of information in my mind. This indicates (to me) that the car starts and runs, gets towards the overheated stage, then fouls the plugs and stalls. She mentions a new radiator, so there may be a history of overheating. My guess, and I hate to say it, is that the little 1.4 turbo is cooked. That engine, especially in the first couple of years of the Cruze, had a propensity to leak coolant from almost everywhere. The plastic fittings weren’t up to the job of handling the high heat from that turbo engine. Weak spots included waterpump, water inlet (or outlet, can’t remember, on right side of engine) tee, radiator, and the hose that runs from the top of the engine to the top of the overflow tank. I replaced that hose once and the overflow tank broke apart in my hand (nipple broke right off). The replacement part had been upgraded to include a metal liner in the plastic piece that the hose attached too. Presumably to keep it from snapping off. The waterpump was so troublesome that GM put a 10 year/150k special coverage warranty on it. I’ve never seen GM put a special coverage on that long.

Anyway, original poster, tell us if you have any coolant in the reservoir and if there is a history of this thing overheating.

The duplicate post has been removed. A user suggested that it might be a bad battery if the car only cranks with the plugs removed. Here was the response from the owner:

New battery also… I changed the spark plugs out and then it cranks but it’s runs hot then fouls them out shortly after that!! True mystery for me… I’m a girl who’s never worked on a car before just trying to learn"

No it fully cranks and run if I replace the spark plugs but it runs hot after a while and then I turn the engine off and it doesn’t crank again… Unless I put more new spark plugs🤷🏾‍♀️

I’ve only had it for three years but no it doesn’t have a overheating history since I’ve had it but I bought it used. I had some coolant put in it since having the new radiator installed but from what I gathered from your post which was very informational to say the least is that I’m going to have to replace the motor…? Hopefully not😔

Well, hopefully not. The fact that you haven’t been overheating it is certainly a good sign. If it was working when you bought it, and you haven’t been overheating it, hopefully it isn’t major engine damage. Could be something as simple as bad mass airflow sensor or something minor like that. Do you have a check engine light on? Could just be running rich…When you say running hot do you mean temp gauge is at the H or heading towards the H (past the halfway line).

Could just

Yes the light is on and when I had it check it threw out 4 different codes but all the codes were for different sensors and that was one of the codes also

I would take out the MAF (mass airflow) sensor and have it cleaned. It could be something as simple as the MAF making it run too rich. When you say it runs hot, does the temp gauge move past the halfway point towards H?

Yes it does… I’ve had it pulled to a shop now and hopefully they’ll get it fixed because this mystery is beyond me

Let us know what they say!

Well . . . ?!

What are the codes . . . ?!