2006 chevy ave will not crank. Manuel trans

Changed battery, spark plugs and coil. Still will not crank. What else can we do?

Spark plugs and coils won’t stop the car from cranking but will stop it from starting.

So… does the engine turn when you try and start it? That is a crank, no start. If the engine doesn’t even turn, that is a No crank condition. So which is it?


No crank :frowning:

Just acts like it wants to but nothing. Bout ready to junk it

Will not get a spark

Which means exactly what? It goes click-click-click? Or it turns the engine very slowly?

That 14 year old car was lousy when new. I think junking it is a good plan.

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How did you test for this if it would not crank?

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Whoever you are using to change these parts, does not know anything about cars so tell them to stop it.

Have the car towed to a good independent professional auto mechanic so they can diagnose the problem and tell you how much it will cost to fix it.

If it isn’t worth the approximately $200 cost of a tow and the diagnostic fee, junk it.


No clicking and we use a voltage meter

My comment stands. You can’t for test spark on a non-running engine with a voltmeter. You need a pro.

Right now we cant afford a pro. The one working on it has worked on this motor since they got it. It’s my husband’s car. He has pulled the motor out. So he knows the motor.
It cranked a few months ago. Been sitting up since

Unplug the clutch pedal inter-lock switch and insert a jumper wire in the connector.

If the engine cranks over, there’s a problem with the switch.


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The motor crank but will not catch.

First you post this…

Then you post this…

We can’t help you if you don’t give us accurate information. Both cannot be true.

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First you type, “will not crank”.

Now you type, “motor crank”.

Confusing as hell!



Motor turns but will not catch to turn over. It isnt firing. Trying to use the right wording.

means the same as

[quote=“Molly-38, post:17, topic:168279”]
turn over

I’m sorry to tell you this yet again but you need a pro if you want to find the problem.

Thank you all for your help.

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If the engine cranks over but doesn’t start, the crankshaft position sensor may be bad.