2006 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - door key or fob?

Did the 2006 Monte Carlo SS have a working door key for the drivers side or just fobs

Yes working door key

if there is a key hole, then there is a key that will fit it.

but yes, the 2006 Monte Carlo had a key that would work the doors. If your’s doesn’t, it may have been modified at some point.

Thanks eddo, that does make sense perhaps the tumblers are seized up. It may be a good idea to use the key once in a while. I had my two key fobs installed new batteries and had them tested and they are fine. A dead battery could be stopping them from working. Thanks for your help.

What is the problem ? Can you not open the doors ? Do you have a key for the door ? If so then get some key graphite and see if that will free up the lock . Or just have a lock smith open the door for you.

Thanks for asking but I tried everything on the door to open it. As strange as it sounds I do not believe there ever was a proper key whole or someone in the factory did something wrong .When I ordered the car there was no plans for the 5.3 V8 perhaps in Canada at the time and at the last minuet we ended up getting the Monte Carlo with the 5.3. Perhaps during the model change someone messed up because some cars were all key less ,who knows. I will get CAA to open it , charge her up and bring it to the dealership to figure out what happened . Thanks for the advice Ian.

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All 2006 Chevrolets should have a lock cylinder on the drivers door. I have not seen a vehicle that does not have a mechanical method of entering the vehicle.

Quit confusing things. You don’t know if there is a keyhole or not, but perhaps the tumblers are seized? If there is tumblers there is a keyhole and lock cylinder.
Is there a keyhole in the drivers door, or not?
What is the actual problem?
If there is a keyhole, does the key go in?
Can you turn the key?
If the key goes in the tumblers are not seized, because they have to move to allow the key in.
If the key won’t turn, it be a couple things. The key is wrong or worn. Lock cylinder is seized.
The better the info you give us, the better our answers/suggestions will be.