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2002 Avalanche 2500 8.1l

Hi Guys,

Love the show!

Hey, all of a sudden my front door lock stopped working with the “keys” they operate/L&UL with the key-bob and it is not a cleaning problem as I always sprayed them with the other lock that work by the way.

The locks do not turn with the keys…not even a little as they would if the were cruddy.

This has a non-factory alarm I think as the key-bob does not show GM anywhere.

It seems to work except for sounding the horn…please help before we get locked out and in real trouble! (IE: key-bob dies)

You will have to remove the inside door panel and look to see if something is wrong. I would first disconnect the rod going to the lock then try your key. If it turns then the problem is in the door locking mechenism and not the tumblers in the key lock.

If it still dosn’t turn after you remove the rod then the lock tumblers are broken and I would have a locksmith get you another lock and have it keyed the same as your old key.

Thanks however I found just yesterday that it was the “after market” door handle bezels that prevented the keys from going in the last 1/8".

I shaved off some rubber and brass from the sides of the top of my keys and ta-da!

Something for your data bank…