2006 charger Limp mode U0404, P0850 transmission temp warning

I have a Dodge Charger with 147000 miles, it was driving perfectly fine clean shifts etc. about a week ago it started throwing code P0850 (park neutral switch input circuit) than today after pulling out of my work the gear selector showed my car in reverse instead of drive , than when I reached the shift point in 2nd gear the esp and esp/bas lights came on and the car went into to limp mode i managed to get it home at 30mph when I got home the transmission temp warning came on. I shut off the car let it cool down and ran the codes and it came back with U0404. Any help would be appreciated

The P0404 is a bad signal from the gear shift level. That signal goes throught the TIPM, which has a tendency to go bad on Chrysler products. I’d guess the TIPM is bad and needs replacing.

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