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97 stratus 2.4 auto, Total limp mode

Hi, I read another blog on here about stratus not shifting and decided to ask someone about my limp mode problem. A few months ago I was driving uphill when it jerked before it got into limp mode. I thought maybe the hot weather caused it(it was 95 deg). I let it sit overnight. and the next day car was fine. for about 3-4 months. Now it got into limp mode only after it goes through all the gears once only. When i come to a stop it will go into limp again. Got a 0700 and 0760 codes. My speedometer works. tach works. Basically everything works as it should. I decided to change the ATF and filter, both speed sensors and i get the same old codes after a drive around the block. I then decided to remove the neg terminal overnight. Next day I would have no signal at the data link port. When i removed the key from the ignition my dash lights for the mileage will stay on for another 3-4 seconds before disapearing. I checked the ground wires to the PCM and TCM which are good. Fuses and relays are also good. I even swapped some of them. Still no change.


Code P0760 maybe a problem with OD shift solenoid. Just guessing but possible the solenoid pack needs replaced. I would have it verified by a transmission shop.

Like americar I was sort of thinking about solenoid pack.

But that is just guessing. You could do simple things like at least check out the wiring harness/connector for the solenoid pack/check the transmission’s ground strap…stuff like that.

But you’ll be better off in the long run just getting it to a good transmission shop with a good scanner.

My 1995 cirrus has a similar issue but runs perfectly all winter. After temps go up I can drive every morning to work fine, but on the way home I may have to restart the car 2-5 times during a 15 mile trip. So far I park it after april. I have a solenoid pack but have yet to install it. I also replaced the sensors and ran down the wires. No luck. Replaced a battery with a broken side post, no luck. Engine runs great.