2006 Camry gurgling sound

Intermittently, when I apply the brakes my car makes a wet, gurgling sound, as if I’m driving over wet rocks. My husband jacked up the car and said he sees something on the front axle CV on the right side, not on left, and said it looks like a bushing bearing. He said the brakes have zero grit and he let them spin under power (I’m relating what he told me as best I can, he’s mechanical, I am not). I also have a rack and pinion leak, though small, he’s worried about the hydroloic (sp?) assist going out. I can’t say I know what any of this means, but he can’t figure out why my car occasionally makes this terrible sound. I haven’t noted any specific condition for the noise. I usually take my car to the dealer, but we’d like some idea of what it is and how much it might be to repair, before I go in there blind. The dealer has been cited for unnecessary add-on repairs in the past. Thanks for any input you can provide.

Your brakes have “zero grit”?
I am assuming that you are trying to tell us that the brake pads are worn out, and that you are braking with metal on metal.
In addition to giving you very poor braking ability, this is potentially very costly.

I strongly suggest that you either have the car towed (or…drive it VERY slowly & carefully) to a mechanic who can replace the brake pads (and possibly the rotors, and possibly the calipers) before you have an accident.

When the car is in the shop for the brake repairs, mention the noise to the mechanic also. It could be the result of air in the heater core, but that is just a guess from afar.

Have the mechanic also look at the CV boots & joints, as well as the steering rack, and get an estimate for the work that he feels is necessary beyond the brake repair.

Although I first read it as VDC did, I’m actually going to guess that “zero grit” means everything isn’t gunked up with brake dust or rust or other debris - i.e. that he found the brakes to be reasonably clean of stuff that would make noise. – ?

Anyway, if you don’t trust the dealer then don’t go there. Ask around among people you know for a locally owned, reputable, independent mechanic. Take the car there and don’t go to the dealer. It’s just a car and it’s parts, from brakes to engine, are pretty much just like those on most other car. Any good mechanic can work on it.

While I interpreted the comment the same way Cig did, I have to comment that a 2006 should be brought to a reputable independent shop rather than the dealer. Drive into any dealer with a 2006 and they’ll tell you that you need $5,000 worth of work. Then they’ll charge you for it and probably not do it properly.

Have it towed to an independently owned and operated shop with a good reputation. Let us know what he says. We do care, but it’s not possible to diagnose this one from afar, and it’s potentially too dangerous to fool around with.


As for the rack and pinion . . . if you don’t have top off the power steering fluid level and don’t see any spots, don’t sweat it

Some slight seepage is acceptable

Your steering rack obviously isn’t perfect anymore, but I’m willing to wager you’ll get many more years out of it

FWIW . . . I have a 2005 Camry, same body style as yours. The rack bellows have been greasy for some time now. Yet I don’t have to top off the fluid level. I check it every once in awhile, but it doesn’t show any signs of getting worse.