Brake Pads

I have a 1999 Toyota Camry 6 cylinder car. I recently had the brake pads replaced (car has 86,000 miles) and for two months there was a groaning noise that came and went (the garage did tell me that would happen)It is starting to subsize now and I am just wondering if this is the norm when you replace the brake pads.

Thank you for your feedback. A.Hara

Did you use original equipment brake pads or aftermarket pads? I think more than likely you didn’t replace the rotors when you did the pads, and that can cause some noises when you have a less than perfect rotor combined with new pads. If the noise is going away now though that’s good. There are other causes of brake noises, but since the noise is subsiding we don’t have to get into that.

Steel pads are know for squealing. What type are they? If you just know the brand and model name, we can figure it out.

No, it’s not normal. Replacement brake pads should make no noise whatsoever, and should not require any sort of “break in” period.

Your Camry should be the same after brake pad replacement as it was before brake pad replacement. If it’s not, there is something wrong.

Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Don’t let anyone tell you different?

NVH is THE biggest challenge to brake manufacturers. Brake noise of some sort is almost a given anymore. Going with non-OEM replacement pads only increases that likelihood.

Click and Clack had a call from someone with a similar problem. They thought it came from the new pads bedding in with the the turned disks. Were the disks turned?