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2006 Buick Terraza Rear wiper

I recently purchased this Buick so my wife and kids would quit trashing my beloved Forester. Mechanically she checked out, except… the rear wiper & washer pump. Who remembers to test the rear wiper?!
Anyway, I haven’t tested to see if it gets power yet, but what I found interesting is that when I took out the fuse (in the dark of course) to inspect it, I put it in the wrong slot.
When I went to test it again, low and behold the washer pump works. The slot I put the fuse into was for the electronic leveling control.
What’s the deal with that?

More than one accessory is often on the same circuit. Sounds like you fixed it.

So, any chance the backup sensor is on this fuse? My wife just drove it for the first time since I changed the fuse out. She said the backup sensor alarm was beeping the whole time she was out driving. I’m curious why this fuse was pulled and not replaced, because of a back up sensor malfunction?

@ianripken I believe you answered your own question.

The fuse was probably not reinstalled because the backup alarm malfunction was driving the previous owner crazy! I know that I would become VIOLENTLY upset if that beeping was constantly on. And I’m not alone in this.

The previous owner most likely didn’t feel like paying money to diagnose the problem.

Right, so the real question: how to disable the backup alarm without disabling the ELC or the washer pump? Any thoughts? I’ll take a look when I have more time, along with testing the wiper motor.

Something smelled fishy about her coming in and telling me that, since, reason would indicate that the back-up sensors wouldn’t beep if the car was in drive, so I went out over lunch and checked it out. She didn’t close the sliding door all the way- that was what was beeping. still need to test the wiper motor. Try and do it this evening.