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Washer Fluid Not Working

Hi I just bought an 07 Hyundai Entourage (Kia Sedona clone) a little over a month ago. We had our first storm last week and my wife tried to use the washer fluid on the rear and it didn’t work (it was below freezing). I looked at it and the front didn’t work either (no noise from pump motor either). So I found out it has a pump for the front and one for the rear but they are on the same fuse. Checked the fuse and it was blown. I thought maybe it was due to the fluid in the car freezing (we bought it in california and they don’t have anti freeze fluid down there probably). Put the new fuse in, tried the front for about 5 seconds and it worked. Tried the rear for 5, it worked. Tried the front again, nothing. Tried the rear again nothing. Pulled the fuse again accept it wasn’t blown. Put a couple of different fuses in. Nothing. I did this while it was above freezing… any ideas? could both pumps have burnt up at the same time? Is there any other fusible link between the motor and switch?

Might be a relay in there somewhere…but I dont think so… SOunds like when you used the rear it knocked everything out. These are pretty reliable systems…so not much to check Im afraid. Keep poking around…see if you can move the plug clip off the front motor and plug back in same for back and then try it.

Are the motors usually off of the same reservoir tank in the engine compartment or is there a separate tank and motor in the back of the van? I haven’t dug into the tanks or motors yet.

Depends on the car. Check your owners manual - it will tell you where to fill the washer fluid, which will tell you where the tank is.

Yeah you can go either way on that one…if you see a filler cap in your rear door jamb then no…but they do what they want as far as that goes