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2006 Acura TSX safe to drive?

For a couple weeks now my car (192k mile) has been “jumping” a tiny bit at steady speeds. Quick, small decelerations with an immediate acceleration. Enough to notice anyways. But just today my check emissions & check VSA lights came on and the car started driving very rough. The car bumps noisily into its first gear from a dead stop. The engine kinda refuses to rev beyond 4000 rpm. Of course I’m gonna take it to my mechanic, but is the car safe to drive? Is it OK to stay slow avoiding the highways until I have a chance to get it looked at?

You really expect someone to tell you to put a vehicle with these problems on public streets ?


To put it simply, No, it is not safe to drive.

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Wonderful. I hope this is a faulty sensor and not something fatal like the transmission.

Look up the YAW RATE sensor. My VSA light came on and they gave me this bizarre $1300 repair. The people at Honda didn’t even know much about this repair but said that was what the computer diagnostic came up with.

A transmission failure is by no means “fatal” It can be repaired, rebuilt and continue, for a price!

As long as the Check Engine light isn’t flashing, and the only other light that’s on is the Vehicle Stability Assist, the vehicle can be driven until it can be taken to a mechanic.

But try to keep the driving of the vehicle to a minimum.


I was able to drive the car to the shop. I feel fortunate. The problem was only the accelerator pedal position sensor.


Good for you, glad you got it resolved.