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Car became very bumpy

I did an oil and spark plug change and it felt great after that. But about a day later, I was driving then my car became very bumpy. I wouldn’t say that it was vibrating because it feels like I am going over thousands of little speed bumps. To the point where my rear view mirror is shaking and if I talk my voice also sounds like I am going over a lot of bumps. right before i did the maintenance i was getting real bad mpg but that got better after the changes. I want to see if anyone can give me any suggestions to look at before I decide to take it to the shop. I already checked my spark plugs and coils to make sure they looked fine and the only thing I could see is the tip of my spark plugs are a bit brown after only about a month but that should be normal. If anyone can give me any advice that would be great thanks.

Also its a 2005

See if you can isolate it to the engine or something to do with the wheels. Rev the engine a little when parked, does the vibration occur? Get it up to the speed where the vibration is happening then shift into neutral. does the vibration remain, or does it go away. TSX’s as I recall had some problem with their automatic transmission, so I’d be suspecting that given what you say. It could just be a tire is out of balance or out of round too, among other possibilities. Check for diagnostic codes of course.

Oh yeah i did try revving when i was parked and the vibration does not happen. Sometimes when the cars shifts it is a little hard. I will balance my tires asap if that can be a problem. Also another thing is when its shaking at high speeds, as i come to a stop i can almost feel the rotation of the wheels so that might me the case. Thanks

If the problem remains when coasting in neutral, it could just be a tire problem. Sometimes tires will develop flat spots and produce this symptom. Common causes for that are either a defective tire in the first place, tire is out of balance, or the strut for that tire isn’t doing its job. Suggest to take a careful look at the tires for uneven tread wear and flat spots. You could also try pushing down on the corners of the car, see if it returns to the original position without a lot of bouncing, and it should return silently.

If you did an oil change, that meant you had to raise the front of the vehicle.


When you raise a vehicle with old/worn, struts/shocks, and allow the suspension to hang , it can mess up the valving within the strut/shock.

And the ride can become very rough.

There have been times when I’ve lowered a vehicle off the lift, and it looked like a dog trying to take a whizz.


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Did you remove a wheel to do the oil change? If so, concentrate on THAT wheel. Maybe something is stuck underneath between the wheel and rotor face or maybe you knocked off a wheel weight.