A/c problems

I am very upset about a situation I am going thru. I recently went to have my '05 Ford Freestars a/c fixed.The front blows the back does not. The mechanic replaced the blower motor and switch. After repairing that he says I need the a/c and cooler control head replaced. They tried rewiring it and it didn’t work. Later that day my cruise control quit working and my power points also. Therefore I believe they shorted something out. I have talked to several mechanics who said that there is no way those three parts would go out at the same time. One said that would be like your fridge, stove, washer and dryer dying the same time. The front is still blowing a small bit. So, do I have a mechanic who is trying to take advantage of me??

Your mechanic may not be competent to perform electrical work. That does not mean that he is trying to take advantage of you, he’s just in over his head. But in either case, you need to find a trained auto electrician.

Air conditioning and electrical problems can be very hard to diagnose, and can easily frustrate both the mechanic and the customer. For the air conditioning problem, you need a certified a/c technician, and for the electrical problem, you need someone who knows your vehicle. For something like this, a Ford dealership might be your best bet.