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2005 Volvo XC 90 Radio Replacement

The radio on my XC90 has gone berserk and will not stay on a station or wave band for more than about 30 to 45 seconds. The dealer says there is an internal failure in the ICM (Radio) and it needs to be replaced-the estimate to replace and complete software reload is $1490!!
Is there a less expensive solution-would a radio from a wreck do, and if so where do I find one in the greater DC area?

Check on ebay, I bought a radio for a '98 Volvo V70XC on ebay and it was an easy install in that car. It pulled straight out from the dash, and the connectors in the back were easy to remove from the old radio and snap into the new one.

For $1,500 you can get an awesome aftermarket system that would blow the doors off the Volvo radio.

You might be able to pull the radio and find someone to ship it to for “refurbishing and repair”.

Can you tell me how much the radio cost? I like your comment about ‘blowing the doors off’ ! Thank you.

Ebay is a good source to find used radios for a decent price, like UT stated. You can also send in your unit for repair to places like this.

I didn’t see any radios on ebay for your XC90. There are kits for about $20 that fills the hole in the dash and makes space for an aftermarket radio. This means you can put a good radio in there either yourself or go to a car audio shop. Cougar’s suggestion of a send it repair is the best option to look into for now.

Crutcfields is the most helpful place I have found for the right fit and extra parts needed for an after market radio.