2005 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible - new transmission cost?

i am thinking of purchasing a 2005 vw beetle bug from a private party. I am told the only issue with the car is that the transmission is “acting up”. Can you give me a general idea of what it might cost for repair or even ciost of a new transmission. Thank you.

I did a quick look see on google. Found there is a class action against VW for a design defect in the automatic transmission that includes the 2005.
As to the merits of the case, I don’t know.
I found a price for the transmission from a chain auto parts store, $3277, this does NOT include labor. You could call around to some independent shops and ask for estimates.

If I were you, I would run away from this vehicle.


13 year old car needing a $3300 transmission? And $1500 labor or better to change it?

Would they consider giving you $1500 to take it away? That is the only way I’d consider owning the car.


Well stop thinking about this vehicle . There are lots of used vehicles out there that don’t need work as soon as you buy it.


These cars are known to be lemons - moneypits. Anyone I know looking for a used vehicle I tell to research through the Edmunds app. or website. Click in what car you are interested in and read real people’s experiences with that particular car. Trust me it will save you from many headaches. Of course also be diligent on any car as far as maintenance records, and have a mechanic look it over.

In our local Craigslist there is a 2004 New Beetle convertible with a new top (Not Cheap), and new tires. It has a transmission problem. The asking price is $1500. They will never get it, and we are in Florida
What would be the total cost?
$1500 for the car, $3300 for the transmission, and $1500 for labor. We are at $6300 plus tax, registration etc. Just under $7,000 for a car you cannot test drive,with sub par reliability. Do not do it. For that money you could easily find a Toyota Solara convertible 2 that I would consider are currently listed.


Or better yet a domestic convertible.

The VW New Beetle was a sales success, sold for more than 10 years in the U.S., and I used to see them everywhere. Now, I am more likely to see a 1987-1991 Toyota Camry on the road than a VW New Beetle. That should tell you all you need to know about the “reliability” of this model.

Is it an automatic or manual transmission? What do they mean by “acting up”? Some types of “acting up” can be repaired, some require a transmission rebuild or replacement. Budget for $5000 in needed repairs until your own mechanic does an inspection, which you definitely want to have done before writing any checks.

For a vehicle that only has a book value of 4500.00 with a good transmission ? Seriously !

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