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2002 VW Beetle: should I replace the transmission or get a new car?

I have a 2002 VW Beetle with a failing transmission at fewer than 60,000 miles, apparently one of the ones made in Mexico. VW has already replaced the catalytic converter. There is a lot of online complaining about the transmission issue and about the catalytic converter. The car is in otherwise good condition, or seems to be. Would it be a good or bad investment to replace the transmission for about $2400? Thanks for you advice, anyone!

They are all made in Mexico, that’s not the problem. $2400 will not cover the taxes, delivery fee, insurance, title and plates on a new car…

Exactly what are you getting for $2400 ?? There are many types of replacement transmissions…Have you ever serviced the transmission in your car?

With less than 60k on the car, it has plenty of life left in it. I’d replace the transmission and keep driving it.

But do your homework. Get estimates from several reputable shops. Not transmission chain stores. And be sure you know what you’re getting, whether it’s a rebuild or new, and what kind of warranty.

Agree with the above with only 60K a new trans is a good investment… Also keep in mind that the car is not worth very much right now as it sits, so your not going to get much as a trade/sale… All and all if you like the car fix it !

As others have said though what is the warranty going to be like at the end though?:

If you followed VW recommendations for transmission maintenance then your '02 Beatle still has the original transmission fluid and this is the reason for the trans failure now. VW transmissions are “sealed” units filled with “lifetime” fluid. Problem is that lifetime fluid’s time has run out.

I think you should replace the transmission with a rebuilt unit at least. A used transmission (pulled from a junked car without rebuilding it) could be in the same status as your current transmission. Once you have the new transmission have the fluid in it changed every 30K miles and this transmission should last a long time and way more than 60K miles.

+1 on replacing it.
You can’t get a new car for that money. Once it is running again and you’re sick of driving it, you can think about selling it and getting a new car.

I’d say it’s too early to give up on this car. Have a good local transmission shop put in a rebuilt transmission and drive on.