2005 Toyota Tundra V8

2005 V8 Tundra wants to skip or misfire a little under normal acceleration…have replaced plugs with OEM Irridium plugs but still have the skipping.
Could it be the distributor caps that feed each plug?
…never been replaced…200, 000 miles

Is the Check Engine light on? Blinking?


The check engine light was on before I had the plugs replaced.

It went out but skipping remains

I’d replace the spark plug wires, distributor cap, and rotor, if it has them.

Edit - they’re not listed, so you just mean the spark plug caps, not ‘distributor caps’, right?

Did you get the code read when the check engine light was on?

Trying looking for and cleaning any carbon trails on the inside of the spark plug coil over covers. Ive had an issue with moisture in the air and a carbon trail on the inside of the covers causing a resistive short which would cause random misfires. Cleaning them out fixed it.