2005 Toyota Tundra - Starter Change Advice

Is there ANY way to change the starter on a 4.7 liter toyota engine that dosen’t involve removing the intake manifold, and if not, what is a fair price to pay to have this done? I have watched many videos about this. They all have one thing in common, the people making them are all crying about the difficulty of the job. I know this can be done on the 5.7 liter engine, but I have seen nothing like this for the 4.7 liter engine.

The simple answer is NO.

If you have watched the videos, you can clearly see that the starter is mounted IN the vee of the engine under the intake manifold. A quick glance should tell you that there is no way to remove the starter without pulling the intake manifold. The 5.7 is mounted like most other V8’s in the world, on the side of the engine. Nothing but the exhaust manifold is in the way.

As for the cost, we don’t know where you are so we can’t even guess what labor rates are in your area. Try Repairpal.com

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