2001 Subaru Outback honks after locking

I have a 2001 Subaru Outback wagon. Over the past few weeks, the car horn honks after locking it with the remote or from the driver’s door. It has a security system and this honking is distinctly different from the honking that it makes when a door is left ajar. Recently, the car alarm went off for no apparent reason. I replaced the batteries in both remoate controls, but the problem persists. The honking problem is persistent but intermittent and not easily reproducible. The honking occurs after locking but not any other times. I have a feeling that there is a short in a ground somewhere. Since we live in the city, we would prefer to keep our car locked. Thanks.

If you are referrring to ONE honk of the horn, that simply is a signal that the car is locked. It is possible to program the security system to be silent or to honk once when the car is locked, and my supposition is that previously yours was programmed to be silent when it was locked, but that recently the settings were changed inadvertantly (it is easy to do!). If you refer to the appropriate section of your Owner’s Manual, it will provide directions for putting the security system into “silent” mode.

On the other hand, if you meant to tell us that the car’s horn honks continuously, then my thesis is wrong. In that case, then I agree with your theory of a short circuit somewhere in the security system, and a visit to the dealership is in order if this is a “factory” security system. If it is an aftermarket system, then a visit to a dealer in that brand of aftermarket system is a good idea.

Thanks. The car is honking several times and then stops momentarily then resumes again. I hate it when the electrical system gets old, all kinds of things start to happen. I’ll have the dealer look at it - it’s a factory installed security system.