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2005 Toyota Prius - Needs a battery

I have a 2005 prius with 178000 miles. The major battery just went out and we just got done replacing the gas tank ($1200) because the fuel gauge went out. Is is worth putting $3000 into this car or is it time to cut our losses and buy something else?

You can get all kinds of response’s to a question like this. Some people would replace battery others would not. Have you searched for a rebuilt battery ? I think that this is one of those decisions that only you can make because after the battery purchase you will have more money in it then it is worth.

My question is how will you feel if you replace battery and then have another major expense.

There is a large cottage industry of Prius battery repair shops around the U.S. You may wish to try the Facebook Prius Owners Club for a suggestion on a local one to you. The batteries are repairable and the cells are sold by Amazon. You will not want to do this yourself, but many do. There is an electronics part of the job that is the only tricky part. If you happen to be in the Northeast there is a reputable battery repair shop in Norwood Mass. More if you are interested here.

Well, that, and not electrocuting yourself…

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What’s the condition of the car otherwise? If it’s in good shape and you don’t mind that this car is reaching its less-reliable years now, it’s probably worth fixing.