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2012 Toyota Prius v - Battery question

I purchased a used 2012 toyota prius in 2015 I love the car. I now have 115,000 miles on it. I have talked to other prius owners and the claim to get over 160,000 miles on the batteries. I would like the car a long time.Is it worth putting in batteries at 140.000 miles.What about the other electrical parts like the electric motor. I would appreciate your your advise.Thank You Ed
Scranton Pa.

You may find some comfort at the Prius Owners’ club on Facebook. Owners, including one of my fellow admin, have put over 300K on Prius cars with original batteries. Meaning the Hybrid battery. The hybrid battery can also be repaired and there is a healthy aftermarket community servicing them and offering reasonably-priced replacements.

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I would only replace batteries when you need to, the same with other components. Just make sure you’re carefully following the recommended services in the manual and monitoring fluid levels.

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