Prius Battery


I had understood that the major battery in my 2005 Prius was warranted for 7 years. If that battery goes bad what is my likely replacement cost. The car only has 42K miles on it.


I’ve heard numbers in the $3,000 range. Is it giving you trouble?


The warranty is for 8yrs or 100k miles…

The price for a NEW battery is about $3000, HOWEVER…the battery is really a series of smaller batteries. There are companies out there that will just replace the bad smaller batteries out of the pack for a lot lot less.


These batteries often go 200,000 miles, and some have done over 300,000.


It depends on how many charge-discharge cycles the battery has
performed. Toyota set the system up so the battery is NEVER deeply discharged which greatly prolongs it’s life. It’s only real purpose is to provide an acceleration boost and to capture energy returned from the kinetic braking…

Newer models can be driven in the “electric only” mode but even then, the battery is not allowed to discharge very deeply…Some people modify their Prius’s to a plug-in configuration, which works the battery much harder. Shorter battery life can be expected…

And yes, should an individual cell fail in a Prius battery, that cell can be isolated and replaced without replacing the entire battery pack…