2005 Toyota Corolla - Too tall for the car

I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla. We are giving it to my 17 year old son, but he is 6ft 2. His head barely clears the roof when he sits. Are there after-market driver seats that could be installled that would be lower than the one in the car?

I don’t personally know of any. This might be a question that you’d be better of asking an body shop. If there was an aftermarket option they would probably know about it. You could check with a dealership as well, though I don’t know if they would have any answers for you

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I wonder is he one on those that set too close to the steering wheel with the seat back straight up . Because even at 6’2" he should fit .


I’m 6’5", have always had that problem. Do like @VOLVO_V70 suggests, tilt the seat more and adjust the seat position as needed. But ‘barely clears’ is fine in my book. I hit the roof in many cars.

Neighboor is 6"5" and drives his 04 Corolla each day…he should fit.

Even if there are, the problem that I foresee is related to the side airbags–assuming that the car is equipped with them.

The airbags are encased in the side of the seat’s backrest, and they have to be able to “communicate” with the car’s electronic airbag module in order to be able to properly deploy in the event of a side impact. Even if aftermarket seats have side airbags in them, the probability that they could properly communicate with the electronic airbag module are minimal, IMHO.

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Just because someone who’s tall fits doesn’t mean all body types will fit. I’m 6’3. I have a friend who’s 5’11. When we sit down his head is above mine. I have a 35" inseam. He has a 29" inseam.

How much adjustment is there in the seats? I like to raise the front of the seat and recline the seat back. That provides more head room, even though I don’t need it in my Accord. It would also give more leg room since the knees are farther from the pedals.

A 2005 Corolla does not have side airbags, not even as an option.

Many car seats are bolted to the floor with just 4 bolts. You can see the heads of the front two if you push the seat all the way back and look at the floor in front of the cushion. The back two, same deal, push the seat forward and look. It seems possible to undo those bolts and put some sort of spacers under the steel brackets where they contact the floor. That would raise the front and tip it back some.

There are often wires connecting the seat to the floor, but they shouldn’t be a big issue if you aren’t trying to take the seat out.

Does this Corolla have a sunroof? That’s a major headroom thief on many cars.

I’m 6-6, cheaped out on a one week rental, got a Corolla. Big mistake, not enough room for my
legs to get comfortable.

I’m about 6’4" and I’ve owned 1977 and 2009 Corollas. I was able to simply recline the seat slightly in both. But as @MikeInNH pointed out we’re not all made the same. Your best bet might be to just trade the Corolla in on something with more headroom.

I think the big problem if you have to pay someone to do this would be the liability issue. No matter how well a replacement seat fits or how safe it is there is always the possibility for someone to get sued for deviating from the factory norm even if the seat swap played no part in any accident or injuries.

Many people and companies have had the beejeezus sued out of them for less than a seat swap.

Which trim level is this car? LE models have a height adjustment, the CE trim does not