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Very Tall Boy Friend

Dear Gurus,

I need direction. My boyfriend is 6’7" tall and he fits into my Acura RDX like a sardine even with the seats totally extended back. Financially buying a

new car is not an option for me right now. Can anyone offer any insight if there are adapter plates or kits that can be installed to extend the passenger

seat back? The man is all leg and can fit into a Mini Cooper or a VW Bug without issue but not in an Acura.

Please help.

I seriouslty doubt that such an adapter exists. In addition to either moving the seat mounting points away from the reinforced points or providing more stress to the original points, they’d also affect the function of the seatbelt and the airbag.

Sorry, but because of the safety issues I have no suggestions to offer.

To see this man try to ride in the seat is a safty issue itself without any modification. The airbag would deploy much to close to his body. Thank you however for your reply.

In the movie “Police Academy”, Hightower, the tall cadet needed to improve his drivng skills, so he ripped the front seat out of a stolen Honda Civic and drove from the back seat. Other than that, I don’t know of a way to solve this problem.

When one has long legs, one has to try a car on for size.

That’s the problem with a lot of Hondas, no leg room. Only way to find out what he fits in is to go out and try everything out, don’t skip anything.

The only suggestion I can offer is to let him drive everywhere you go together and you ride in his car.

Some cars work for tall drivers and others don’t. I have an '03 Honda Civic and I drive with the seat 1 notch away from fully back. I’m 6’0", and a 6’7" guy would eat his knees in this car.

My brother is 6’5" and his son is 6’4" and they have Ford Crown Vics or Lincoln Towncars because they know they’ll fit in them OK. Some cars and car manufacturers just don’t make cars suited for tall people. Your Acura is one of those not for tall people cars. Not much you can do about it. If the relationship lasts your next car will better accomadate your tall man.

“The airbag would deploy much to close to his body.”

You mean his legs, don’t you? And is BF driving or are you? If he has a car, ride with him on longer trips. If he has to ride in your car, don’t let him drive.

You have a lot of choices.

The easiest is plainly simple:

Get a new boyfriend, that is shorter. :slight_smile:

Another choice is for your boyfriend to drive his car instead of riding in yours.
If he doesn’t have a car, see the previous suggestion.

There is nothing that you can do to the car to get more legroom.
If you decide to sell the car, stay away from most Honda and Toyota products, as they all have the same issue you are currently dealing with.

Nissan makes cars with good leg room.
So does VW, and most of the american companies.
Hyundai and Kia also have more legroom than comparable Honda Toyota cars do.

Good luck with finding a shorter bf.
It shouldn’t take you much time, as they are everywhere. :slight_smile:


I agree with Bladecutter. But I might add: Get a boyfriend who can afford his own car!!! He probably lives “rent free” too.

Thank you everyone, I appreciate your feedback. I don’t think I want a shorter BF (I’m 6’3 in heels)and I really don’t want to ride in his '69 VW Bug (still in the pocess of being restored). I had to find another option. A local company that modify cars for the handicap will make the modification to the passenger seat. However, the next car WILL have more leg room.

I hope that he’s as stuck on you as you are on him. And I hope he appreciates the ‘lengths’ you are going to for him.