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2005 Toyota Corolla - Thoughts on this high mileage purchase?

You’re right. Thanks for the advice!

What damages the clutch material quickly is heat. The wearing material itself is very tough and wears very slowly in normal use, but if it gets too hot it melts and then rubs away very fast. Accelerating slowly like you say, even if you aren’t quite optimum with the clutch pedal, that wont generate much heat, so no worries. Try the experiment of rubbing your hands together. Until they get very hot, even with all the rubbing, little damage is done. So until you get the hang of the clutch pedal, continue to accelerate slowly and you should be fine. I don’t top off the oil on my own Corolla until it is near the Low mark. For the most part when it is at the Low mark, 5000 miles has passed, and it is time to change the oil and filter anyway, so I seldom do any topping off at all. Your newer Corolla may use oil a little faster b/c of the way engines are designed for better mpg these days, oil usage rate being the compromise.

very worth it in my opinion for the better gas mileage!! thanks for the insight on how clutches wear, it makes total sense. I did find out the original owner drove it from eastside jacksonville to lake city, commuting to her job every day. So definitely many freeway miles. I’m gonna see about the oil asap, cant afford to take any chances. its level hasn’t moved though since i last checked it

Own 2005 Corolla LE. 229+K miles. Some electrical indicators on the panels don’t glow. Dash lights are good. Torque Converter Clutch stuck off sometimes. But not a safety issue. Catalytic converter needs to be replaced. Runs smoothly.

A stick shift Corolla does not have a torque converter. You have hills in Florida?

the steepest ones near me are like 40 degree angles and i usually hit them when im at 40mph already in 4th gear. sometimes i have to top on them and i just use the e-brake to take off in 1st again

I think you may be exaggerating a little there @CodyT … lol … for example, the steepest paved road in San Francisco (Filbert Street) is about 17 degrees.

googled a picture of a 40 degrre hill. yes, i was definitely mistaken. i meant 20 degree hills with the e brake and those are only in two very specific points and they only last about 100 feet or so before they go back down

Well, we bought an 06 Corolla with 140K and still had to make payments, but finished paying it off and the only repair we had to do was a new starter. But I see you already got it so I hope it is still reliable for you.

Control arms are going but that’s expected. No clutch issues. 235000 strong

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