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2005 Toyota Corolla - Thoughts on this high mileage purchase?

about to buy a stick shift 05 corolla… 233,587 miles…
Car was “taken car of meticulously” by the first owner and barely driven by the second, as he bought a different car and doesn’t want the corolla anymore… This is suspicious, who wants to get rid of a corolla?.. But I’m gonna see. Have all maintenance records. All that jazz. Let me know what I need to watch out for with the 05 corollas please. I’ve seen body/paint problems and electrical problems on carcomplaints.

Someone who does not need it , they know at 233000 miles it will need work they don’t want to spend money on. They just don’t want it . Also at that mileage anything on Carcomplaints could have been fixed or it did not have those problems.

With 233,587 miles, you’ll definitely want to pay to have your mechanic inspect it before you purchase it. With the maintenance records, the right price, and a clean bill of health from your mechanic, I’d say go for it. My mom has an 05 Corolla that is still running great.

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I’d rather purchase a newer higher mileage car than an older lower mileage car. Age, anything over 20 years old, will start to have problems that are hard to overcome. Ask me how I know … lol … If you’re 05 was an 08 or 09 I’d like it better, but it should still be a good car. Freeway driving is very easy on a car. It all depends on the level of maintenance it has had over the years of course. The transmission is probably the most problematic of the parts that might fail in an expensive way, if you want something to worry about, especially if it is an automatic. As mentioned above , have it inspected by your own mechanic before writing any checks. And if you buy it, you and your mechanic should come up with a plan to renew all the fluids that need renewing according to the maintenance records and inspection, especially the transmission fluid.

I would pass.Its probably at the end of its life even if its a Corolla.

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It’s an aged car going on a quarter of a million miles. It can be safely assumed the car needs multiple repairs which the owner may or may not be aware of.

Cheap enough it may be worth a shot but you did not state what they’re asking for this thing.

i did buy it. it is a manual. its running pretty good, im the third owner. first owner did very good maintenance and the second barely drove it.

i did, in fact, buy the car for $1600

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It’s about as good a bet for $1600 as anyone could find, so my hunch is you have done well. Let us know how it works out. Lots of folks here think highly of Toyota and like to help others keep them going.

its the original clutch so one day i anticipate replacing that. there is a paper containing every date for every little thing done to the car, mostly filled with oil change / tire rotations every 3 months, and other repairs accordingly… all the way from 2005 to late 2017, and then the second owner bought it. he changed the oil and drove it lightly. it’s due for an oil change and tire rotation, but i don’t drive it barely at all so i will wait on that. will definitely let you know, and yeah. no offer could beat a nicely taken care of toyota for 1600

How many months? Oil changes are based on xx miles OR yyy months, which ever comes first.

Neglecting an oil change is he last thing you want to do if you plan on keeping the car for a while.

its at 2000 miles (recommended done every 3000) and its been over 3 months. so i don’t know exactly, but i know i don’t have much time. i drive literally under 3 miles a day tho

As little as you drive changing every 6 months should be fine.

Yeah, I mean once i get insurance ill be driving like normal but for now, im just kinda teaching myself how to drive manual. still couldn’t hill start lool

For 1600 dollars you got a deal. Congrats.

My points about potential problem is based on my doing inspections on car trade-ins at dealers when I worked and doing inspections out of my own shop.

There is not a single used car that I’ve ever checked over that did not need something; or a number of somethings. And those car had far fewer miles than this one. Still, for the purchase price you’re in good shape on it even if something crops up.

One thing you should do is monitor the oil level by checking it every other week. Countless engines are wiped out every year simply because someone never checked it and ran the engine very low on oil.

It’s very hard to find a Corolla for sale used with a manual transmission. The reason is the owner of these cars like them so much. I think you’ll end up being very pleased with your purchase. My Corolla is 26 years old and still has the original clutch, so you probably got nothing to worry about there. Driving on the freeway, which your car has probably had a lot of, causes no clutch wear at all. You are golden.

I live in FL. The car first owner, who had it up until 225k miles, drove it daily from Lake City to Palatka or some far drive like that… or Lake City to Jacksonville. So plenty of freeway miles. I am still learning and I find it hard to accelerate slowly without riding the clutch in 1st, so I feel like I am using the clutch up very quickly by leaning on it so hard. I’m very good about not popping it and not resting on it though. Will take time. I did check the oil yesterday, it’s about in the middle. I will change it soon. As far as issues, the brakes do some rattling when I brake at low speeds (<10mph) so I feel as if there may be something loose. All is well, I envision a lot of life still left in the little car

Have no idea what you mean by that but just add enough oil now to have it at the full mark.

why not leave it halfway there>? just to clarify, halfway between the minimum and maximum

Well, I think that an engine that is full of oil might just lubricate better than one that is not full. Also what if it drops down to the low mark and you have not checked it. It is not that hard to add oil .