2005 corolla s


I am looking at a 2005 Corolla S, loaded, with 5-sp manual t/m, 39,000 mileage, all power, etc…Is there anything I should be looking at/for, or anything I should know about this model? Thanks for your help.


Corollas all have a good reputation. Review maintenance records for compliance with the maintenance schedule. Also suggest you have your favorite independent mechanic check it out as a pre-purchase inspection. We have one Corolla that went 250K miles and a Geo Prizm that is at 220K miles and shows no sign of giving out. I think they are extremely good cars.


They’re extremely good cars, but they ride firmly. Take a long test drive. Be sure it’s comfortable for you.

I had a 2005 Corolla. The ride was too firm for my ailing back.