‘97 Camry vs ‘05 Toyota Corolla

Which car is better one to own – 1997 Toyota Camry with 156K or 2005 Toyota Corolla with 193K? I currently have Camry and daughter has Corolla. Daughter getting newer vehicle so I have opportunity to drive Corolla going forward. Both cars well maintained. Thank you for your input.

Corolla. Less likely to be rusted underneath, parts easily available, 13 years old instead of 21.


Thank you for your input – it’s greatly appreciated!!

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I’d go for the newer car, but either would be reasonable. Sell the unused one, save the money for repairs.

Option - sell both and buy something a bit newer/lower miles. But then you run the risk of buying somebody else’s problems.

I had both a '91 Camry and a 2005 Corolla. The Camry was much, much, much more comfortable. If comfort is an issue for you, choose carefully.

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Selling both is an option, but the OP won’t get a lot for them. Then she has to find a car in better shape than the ones she is selling. That won’t be easy. High mileage is an issue for both, and they may not last more than a few years. It’s not an easy choice unless the OP has enough money to buy a substantially newer car.

I live in southern california, where rust is not really an issue

And I see a lot of 1997 Camrys driving around, still going strong

My point is OP’s camry may not be at death’s door, in fact it may have many good years ahead of it

If you sell your camry, you’ll likely get chump change

just what trim level is the Camry, what engine, what options?

Based on the mileage and the OP’s description of the Camry, I’d bet on it.
Well maintained and not abused, these vehicles can last 300,000 miles and more. Sure, some peripheral component like an alternator or motor mount is likely to need replacement, but that’s no big deal.

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Maybe you should keep both. You will never have another repair on either the Camry or Corolla. For high mileage vehicles, there is only maintenenace. These cars will need suspension work soon if it hasn’t been done already because of age and mileage. There are a number of other things though could and will go wrong because they are high mileage. Both are well put together cars, but will leave you without a car for a few days now and then just because they are old. I sold my 2005 Honda Accord with 180,000 miles because I need a commuter car and it was starting to lose reliability. If you don’t need a reliable car, one will do. If you need a reliable car, consider keeping both.

Corolla by all means! Less aging from rust and plastic deterioration. My sister had a 1997 Corolla at the same time we had a 2007. A big difference!

Both Camry and Corolla are good cars, but 1997 is 21 years old and age talks its toll on any car!