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2005 Toyota 4Runner vibration after repair

After an accident and repairs 9/19, I notice a vibration both auditory and tactile front left wheel when I reach 65-70 m/p/h. The slight sound is primarily the vibration. The repair company said it’s not their failure to repair correctly but that I need to take to Toyota diagnostic company to have the issue identify. I have 99358 miles on the truck as well as equal miles on myself. I am 72 years old and feel as they are side stepping their responsibility. The company performed a courtesy alignment at the time of the original repair. The damage was to the front drivers side. Side bar: At the impact, the left fender was wedged between wheel and car body but I was able to pull out to drive home and drive to repair shop.
Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much
Your time is very appreciated.
Andi Luna

The repair was 9/19 , did you have the vibration then or just lately ? This is almost 5 months later so the repair shop is correct that there responsibility is over. If the problem was present after the repair you should have contacted the insurance then . You can call the insurance but after this much time I suspect this repair will not be covered .