Toyota Camry rumbling sound

Our 2005 started a rumbling sound at any speed, intermitently abpit 6 weeks ago. It has 34,400 miles and Toyota replaced the right rear axle hub & bearing. It did the same noise driving the car home. We took it back and left it there for 2 days, they tell us there is nothing wrong with it,that they don’t hear or feel the vibration.My husband and I hear and feel that vibration. Please help us resolve the problem before the warranty goes out. We did an alignment, put new tires and it does not help. We know the noise is there and want it fixed. What could it be? Any advice? Thank you for your help. We love your show on MPBN.

Find another 2005 and drive it. If different bring both of them to the dealer. Get all this in writing. Get every visit in writing. As long as you keep after them and keep records, the warranty will not go out on any current un-resolved problems. But be sure it really is a problem .

Have the dealer check out the exhaust. Many times rumbling sounds mean a leaking exhaust pipe or muffler.