Help - Brake Light Socket Stuck

One of the two brake lights on my driver side is out. I went to go manually remove the brake light from inside the trunk, and could not get the top socket/bulb out. It seems to be stuck. I’ve looked around on other forums for similar issues and a common problem seems to be the bulb overheating and causing the plastic of the socket to melt and become stuck.

I can’t tell if this is the case. If so, are there any tricks to getting this twisted off if it is melted on? Trying not to spend a ton of money for the dealership to tell me it’s not fixable and that they have to replace the whole brake light assembly.

You don’t need a dealership for this.
Look for a YouTube video showing how to remove the assembly. Once removed you may have better access to the bulb and be able to replace it. Or if the housing is melted, then you can replace whatever is required.

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Becca, it could possibly help some of us to fine-tune our advice to you if you’d complete some basic information.

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