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2004 Chevy Aveo

How do you change the brake lights in a 2004 Chevy Aveo? We removed the two screw but couldn’t remove the plastic cover!

Find the owner’s manual, and read it. You’re making this much more difficult than it needs to be.

Yup! Open the glove compartment and take out that little booklet titled “Owner’s Manual”. It may still be wrapped in its original plastic packaging.

And, after you read the details about changing the bulbs for the brake lights, do yourself a favor and read the maintenance section to see what necessary procedures you may have neglected to do over the past 3 years or so.

Likely you get to it from behind (in the trunk).  Your first step, if you have not done it yet, is to check the owner's manual.  Sad to say some owner's manuals don't say a thing and some just tell you to see your dealer.  In those cases you should come back here or a Aveo specific NG and ask.  

BTW if you have checked the owner's manual and it does not answer your question, do respond and let us know.  Maybe someone can answer or someone may look it up for you if they have a reference.

Thank you. No owners manual came with the car. I’m trying to locate one on the internet…in the meantime, does anyone know how to change the brake light? I cannot access the bulb from the inside and the plastic cover will not come off after removing the two obvious screws on the outside. I’m caring for my 90 year old mother (with congestive heart failure), so it’s close to impossible to schedule a service appointment. There are three police departments in my town (state, local and university)…so I’m really ripe for a ticket. I would seriously appreciate any advice…thank you again!

Call the local dealer’s service department. I’m sure they’ll be happy to give you directions. There’s likely a plastic or formed cardboard cover inside the trunk behind the lighting moduel that needs to be removed.

Sincere best with your mom. God bless.

I realize that this question is old, but I hope that this might help other Aveo owners.

You can find an owners manual to this car on You can register your car and you get an online version of an owners manual as well as some other quick information papers that would have came with the car if you bought it new.

The bad news is that this information wouldn’t be listed in this manual and there are no home repair manuals for this model, believe me, I looked hard for them. You can get a shop manual, but they’re real expensive and not worth it unless you plan to do a lot of work on this car yourself.

The only thing I could suggest in this situation is to find a mechanic. The suggestion listed above is also a very good one. Many dealers, if you explain your situation, are very helpful. I’d bet there is only one screw that’s hanging you up and you probably just need to know where it is.

I hope your Mom is doing better and everything worked well in your case.