2000 Saab 95 Limp Home Mode


My Saab goes into limp home mode intermittently. I have heard of many possible solutions and as many failed attempts to correct the problem, including resetting the throttle bodies periodically. To me, that is a temporary fix and not a solution.

Has anyone successfully solved the problem of these Saab’s spontaneously going into limp home mode?


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You haven’t given enough information. Many things can cause “limp home” mode.

How many miles are on the car? Is the “Check Engine” ight on? What is the maintenance history, especially of the transmission?


The car has just under 50,000 miles, the check engine and transmission lights are on when this problem occurs, I am not aware of any maintenance on the transmission itself.


Aha, some clues! You need to get a scan for trouble codes. A place like Advance Auto Parts will scan for basic engine codes for free. Start with that and post back with the actual code(s). You’ll need a shop with a fancier code reader to scan for transmission codes.