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2005 Pontiac Sunfire

Hello. I am seriously considering buying a used Sunfire (manual trans). It was owned by a retired man, has only 64k miles and it seems to be in excellent condition. The dealer will not go below 6,200 on the price. I have two questions.

1. Is this a reasonable price? (no extras such as a moon roof etc)

2. The engine jitters a bit when running and I pop the hood… is this normal for the model or should I be concerned?

NADA clean trade-in is worth $4,000 if it needs no work. Don’t pay more in today’s economy. As with any used car, pay for a pre-purchase inspection before buying.


Price also depends on where you live. Check out or, and look through your newspaper classifieds (on-line, of course). If you are buying from a dealer, expect to pay more than from a private party, so ask what kind of warranty they give, if any. Have it inspected at a mechanic of your choice, if the dealer won’t allow it, don’t buy it. Ultimately price is determined by whatever the buyer is willing to pay. If the price seems out of line for similar cars in your area, then it’s priced too high, unless you love it, in which case it might be priced right for you.