Another "should I buy this car" question


Here’s the online ad:


Owner says the car has 220,000 miles on it, and is on its 2nd engine which has about 125,000 miles on it. Says mechanically it’s pretty good, clutch/trans are fine, but it needs some minor body work: rusty behind the doors and on the hood.

Bottom line price is $400 CDN (which I guess is pretty darn close to USD now).

What do you think? Is that way too much mileage on the car and/or engine? I haven’t seen the car in person yet.

Thanks as always,



I’ve always believed that any car that runs well for under $500 is OK to buy. Expect very little and you will not be disappointed. There’s not much information here, but my feeling is “so far, so good.” Take a test drive.


And by the way, as of today, Sept 20, the CDN and US dollars are par.


Just no.


Lots of miles generally speaks highway miles and they are easy miles for a car. I would not let the miles be a factor. Check the current condition if it appears good, then go for it. Maybe offer $350 cash on the spot.


If $400CDN is a large amount of money to you and would break you if the car died tomorrow I would say pass. You may get 1 one day - few years without serious issues out of the car. Just have to consider the risk of your $400CDN means to you.


I am positive that my answer is right…

In the Bible, Kings, we learn that King David was successful (overall) because he always (nearly) prayed to God for the right answer.

I prayed for the right answer and this is what I got: Pray to God for your answer; only He can help you on a used car with over 200k miles.

Please note that I have prayed to God for a low repair bill, and was then hammered, but I guess that’s God’s will. I probaly would have gotten into trouble with all that extra money. Now the mechanic has it and maybe he will get into trouble and go to hell for overcharging me.


Moderator, I beg you do NOT delete the above post. We need a mirthful break, comedy relief from endless jawboning over oil viscosities and miracle fuel-saving products. Indeed, thechums has just brought up another one. Leave it be.




Hahaha thanks for all the posts…unfortunately the car is gone, someone else had the same idea and grabbed it up quick.

Plus, the wife is now starting to worry about me looking up cheap cars to buy and “play” with…thinks it’s gonna turn into an oops-that-ended-up-costing-way-more-than-I-planned project and is trying to re-route that $500 towards a new island for the kitchen…needless to say, unlike myself, her hobbies don’t include cars.