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2005 Nissan Quest Water Sound Followed by Blaring Alarm

Hi - I have a 2005 Nissan Quest. Last night while driving around 45mph I heard what sounded like water being spilled on the passenger seat next to me. There was no water. A few minutes later a loud alarm sounded for a minute or two, also focused on the passenger side of the van. Then silence, followed by the water sound again, but that soon stopped and I did not hear the blaring alarm again. The car’s performance remained unchanged. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

I’d get the Supplemental Restraint System checked out. Or stop driving past the fire station.

Seriously, it might be something with the passenger seat sensor for the SRS system, or the passenger airbag, the seat sensors, or, if you have side airbags, the side bag.

If you have a rear heater, it could be that tube and lines run from front to back just under the floor there and that would be why water is the sound you hear.
What alarm is sounding, I have no clue.
But with the rear heat on ( valve open ), check your coolant level.