2005 Volkswagen Touareg - Sloshing

How do I release/drain the water from the sills?

After a heavy rainfall recently, I can hear water sloshing back and forth when I press the brakes or accelerate in the back of my Touareg. It sounds like it could be coming from under my car too; there is no water coming inside . . . . At first I thought it was coming from the gas tank; I can’t pin point where the sound is coming from but it is coming from the back of my vehicle.

Try movining your hatch (tailgate) up and down, water may be trapped in there. Look for grain hole along the bottom edge of the hatch, they may be clogged with debris.

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Thank you for your response. No water trapped in the tailgate; could you please tell me where else could I search for a grain hole? I searched the bottom of my tailgate but found nothing . . . the sloshing sounds like it’s coming from the back wheels area. When I accelerate or press on the brakes, sounds like water splashing up against something underneath but inside my vehicle.



Check the spare tire well under the cargo floor and the rear doors.

Don’t know whether you found the solution but I’m going to try this on my 2007 Touareg tonight. Incredible how much water came out of that hole!