2005 Nissan Pathfinder check engine light

check engine lite is on,runs fine till i want to accelerate,lite blinks for 10-14 seconds then it smooths out

That means you have a problem with the engine. If you have the codes read at a local auto parts store, for free,and post them back here. All of them. We will try and help you. If you aren’t going to fix it yourself, take it to a mechanic and they will read the codes and diagnose what is wrong.

This means that continued driving will cause major engine damage.


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Not it doesn’t. There’s a possibility it could…but really depends on what code is generated.

My mistake.

I should have worded it "This means that continued driving CAN cause major engine damage.



codes po300,cnf,po420cnf

“300” is a bad one, it can indeed lead to the engine damage and needs to be addressed ASAP

“420” is “your catalytic converter SEEM to be bad” - it is lesser urgency to address this one, and I would not rush going into an expensive replacement, but would ratehr replace a downstream oxygen sensor, these are really cheap, then cleared the code and drive for 200-300 miles, if it returns, then it is indeed a catalytic converter

FYI - “bank 1” is the passenger side in this engine