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Pathfinder check engine light on

I have a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder. How do I get to the trouble codes & how do I remove check engine light?

You can have the codes read–free of charge–at many auto parts stores. Phone a few before getting into the vehicle, just so that you don’t go on a wild goose chase.

Also–Hopefully the CEL is illuminated steadily.
If it is flashing, you should not be driving it, lest you cause engine damage from an engine misfire.

As to removing the light, just reach inside the dashboard in order to remove the bulb. But, if you just want to remove the light, why do you even care what code(s) have been stored? Ideally, you will find out what the codes are, and then you will fix the underlying problem. After a proper fix, and after a few drive cycles, the light should turn itself off.

Most Places That Read Codes For You Will Turn Off The Light.
Be Sure And Write Down Any Code(s) First.
Post Them Here For Us To See.

The codes will look like PO455, P0420, P1234, etcetera. As VDCdriver has indicated, if the light isn’t flashing then you should be able to drive the car temporarily.

Sometimes the best approach is to find out the codes, turn off the light, and see if the light comes back in short order. Even a loose gas cap can set a code and illuminate the light, but it could be more serious.

Put your code(s) up for us.