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2005 Nissan Frontier blower motor not blowing hard

blower motor for heat and ac does not blow hard

Blower resistor probably shot .

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If the blower motor switch is on the highest speed, the blower resistor is bypassed. Therefore, if it isn’t moving enough air in the highest speed, the blower resistor isn’t the problem.
The most likely causes are:

  1. A blockage in the air intake to the blower;
  2. A blockage from the discharge from the motor. This could be a stuck blend door.
    3). A worn out blower motor
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There may be a problem with the high speed blower motor relay.

How this relay works is, for the low speeds, the relay directs the voltage thru the resistors,.

For the high speed, the relay directs the voltage directly to the blower motor.

Bypassing the resistors.


Should check cabin filter if equipped.


Assuming that this truck has a cabin air filter…
When was the last time that it was changed?