Blower not working?

I have a 1992 honda accord and this morning the blower inside the cabin went out. I was wondering could it be the motor, relay or resistor?

Thank you

"could it be the motor, relay or resistor?


…or the switch or fuse. Although if it was just the resistor it would probably blow on the highest setting. Did you check the fuses? If it blew one then you still need to find out why - and a bad blower is a good bet.

Turn it to high and thump on the bottom of the blower housing with something like a rubber mallet or block of wood. If that gets some life out of it then the power supply is probably ok & the blower motor needs to be replaced.

Thank you,
Well its not the resistor b/c when the setting is turn to high nothing happens

By any chance do you know the location of the blower heater relay?