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2005 Mercedes C230 or 2006 Infiniti G35?

Looking for a “nice” car to bop around town in, and here’s my question: a 2005 Mercedes C230 with only 30k miles, or a 2006 Infiniti G35X with 93k miles. Don’t particularly need the AWD of the Infiniti, but this one just happens to have it. Both are priced at around $12,900 before I try to negotiate. My research shows that the Infiniti is generally more reliable (and likely less expensive to maintain), but the 30k vs. 93k miles is bound to have an impact too?

Would love input from those more knowledgeable than I. Thanks!

I would generally say the Infinity all things being equal, but 60k miles is a lot. I would have to go with the C230. I would go to and pay the $5 for one month subscription. I would then look at their ratings on both cars before I plunked down the money.

How about looking for a 2wd G35 with lower miles, at that price? I’m actually a bit concerned about 30k on a 9 year old car, less than 4k a year. I’d want to see the paperwork proving all maintenance was done, some is on a time basis.


Assuming that C230 has the M271 4 cylinder engine . . . avoid it like the plague

These engines are known for having cylinder head problems

Here’s what happens . . . the check engine light is on, due to a misfire. The misfire is due to worn valves and seats. Benz says you need an updated head.

I’ve replaced more heads on those M271 engines than you would ever believe

It’s not a question of if, but when, you’ll need that head

A very good machine shop might be able to save the head, but why buy a car with a known problem

I’m not familiar with that G35X, and have no opinions about it

There are lots of G35’s around, and you should find one with less miles and 2 wheel drive. A very sound car.