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2005 Mercedes-Benz M-Class - Files

What do you have on file for this vehicle?

You mean it still runs ? wow

Nobody in their right mind would buy a 15 YO Mercedes.

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Who do you think you are asking this question ? And why are you asking ?
At 15 years old I doubt if any ’ File " , what ever you mean by that would really be much help.

What do I have on file on that vehicle?
Nothing, as I don’t maintain files on any vehicles other than ones that I own.

If the query is related to the possible purchase of a 15 year old Mercedes, all I can say is… RUN!

There is an old joke that goes something like this:
Q: What should I do in order to have assets of 1 million dollars?
A: Start with 2 million dollars, and then buy an old Mercedes.


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Do you want to buy one? If so, any 15 year old vehicle is only as good as the maintenance it received. If you like it enough, have a mechanic you trust give it a pre-purchase inspection. If you still are interested after the inspection (about $100), consider making an offer. Just be aware that parts for a 2005 M-Class are about the same price as those on a new one. That is, expensive.

Let’s get right to it . . .

Do you own a 2005 ML350 or ML500 or something along those lines?

Are you planning on buying one?

If you’re planning on buying one . . . forget it. There are better choices, such as Acura or Toyota. And I know what I’m talking about because I worked at a Benz dealer when these were still being sold. Let me put it you like this . . . we raked in money hand over fist working on those vehicles


Here’s some stuff to look for: