2008 Mercedes-Benz M-Class at 100,000 miles

How is your car holding up at 100,000 miles? I have a ml 6 cyl. How is your fuel mileage? Tire wear?

What particular answer are you looking to get . . . ?!

I happened to work at a Benz dealer for about 10 years, and I was there at the time that your vehicle was introduced

I happen to think that the 164 Series was pretty much a piece of garbage

The possible exception being the ML500 . . . and only because that one at least used the tried and true and quite reliable 113 engine, unlike the piece of junk 272 engine which your vehicle has

In fact, they were garbage well before the warranty was even expired. Mechanic engine problems, mechanical transmission problems, countless electrical problems . . . I could go on forever

A person would probably be better off getting the equivalent suv from Toyota, Honda or Acura