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2005 Mazda Mazda3 - Trans complaint

Does Mazda make the worst automatic transmissions?

Just I guess, but my answer would be no.

In the context of worst transmissions in that era, I would say Honda-Acura made the worst automatic due to the failure rate and class action settlement.

The vast majority of automatic transmission problems are caused by the owners failure to change the fluid regularly or by running the fluid low because of a leak.

And, it is worth mentioning that most of the transmissions for Japanese vehicles are manufactured by the same company, JATCO.

We don’t seem to get many complaints here about Mazda transmissions, if that has any scientific validity to the OP’s query. We do get a lot more complaints about automatic transmission than manual transmissions, irrespective of manufacturer.

my hobby is looking at <$1k cars on CL. mazda cars are common. seems to be motor issues. not trans.

No not particularly. I don’t know of any Mazda automatic that has notorious reputation for unreliability. Certainly nothing like the Honda H5 or Ford AXOD (and it’s variants).