I have a 2005 Mazda6 with the 4 speed automatic transmission. From a standing start getting up to around 22 mph the transmission seems to forget what to do therefore racing the engine until it finds the next higher gear, usually third. It is very annoying and at times startling because you don’t know what is going on. If anyone has had this same problem with their Mazdas and gotten the problem fixed please pass along the diagnosis. After 5 visits my Mazda dealer recognizes the problem but cannot fix it.

Thanks for any help that you can provide to me to take to my Mazda dealer.

I do not have a Mazda. But had a similar issue with my Ford Windstar. I believe in my case the transmission was slipping at the lower gears (1st to 2nd ) the engine RPM would go up and finally the next gear would engage (and there was a kick at this point). That is why I trade it in and got myself a new Honda Odyssey. I am assuming that the car or at least tranny is under warranty. Do not let the dealership off the hook , have them fix or even better change the tranny (actually I am surprised they have not suggested this, I thought they get paid and it is the OEM that hold the bag for warrant expenses)

Thanks for the response. I have taken it in at least 5 times for this annoying problem. They have had a bulletin on it and reset the computer. That just changed the problem from 3rd to 2nd gear. They do not want to change the transmission because the computer says that it is working according to specs. Yet the last time I was in there the head mechanic rode with me and acknowledged the problem. I tend to think that the computer chip needs to be replaced because it is not telling the transmission to shift at the correct time.

First go higher up the chain politely. General manager or owner. Then zone rep or “800” number, check owners manual for numbers to call. Then start researching criteria for lemon laws, it might be past the time frame for all I know but check unless someone here can tell different.