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Honda Odyssey Transmission problems

I would like to know if Honda engineers have found a solution for their transmission problems?

It seems like many Honda owners are complaining about this problem.

By the way what is the difference between Honda transmission design and Toyota transmission design? Which one is better?

Thank you very much.

How long is a piece of string?

There are thousands of concientious Honda owners who have regularly serviced their automatics and have had no problems.

Some transmissions are more forgiving than others. The old US 3 speed units were quite bulletproof, for instance. Honda and current Chrysler, Ford, Volkswagen and a number of others are very UNFORGIVING if not maintained meticulously.

Lets hope we get more robust automatics from all manufacturers in the future.

Since 1958 I have had 16 cars, 13 of which had automatics. My total REPAIRS (not maintenance) on those has been $185 on a 1971 C-4 Ford transmission with slipping bands.